Thursday, August 26, 2010

July wrap up

All right. Let's just breeze on through the last 3 weeks of July in this post.
Gelato, anyone?

I'm still not completely sure how he got his gelato on the brim of his hat...

Noah took this of Mark and me. Kind of fun to see us from our 4 year old's vantage point.

I'm pretty sure the boys liked it. What do you think?

This was one of the boys' favorite activities the first couple weeks were were here. Climbing on the recently broken down boxes. I believe that Noah was "rescuing" Lincoln from a burning building here...

Lincoln playing trains in our front room.

Noah playing doctor, but not thrilled about stopping for a picture.

Noah with a "patient"...

Lincoln patiently being the patient.


Noah playing cards with his grandma before she left town.

And another series of pictures of Lincoln. He was in a silly show-of mood this day, and was asking me to take pictures of him. He obviously had no plan in mind when he requested the camera to come out, but he had no qualms with hamming it up and improvising. So, we started first with big cheesers and then graduated on to a quick moment of silly-shy...

And then Lincoln got this look on his face, and you could tell what was coming next...

Yup. This. And he held those pose for quite a while to be sure that I got a picture of it.

And, oh boy - did he think he was hilarious!

Just a quick shot of the boys in the bath.

Linc eating a corn-dog in the backyard. Cute little tongue.

Noah climbing the tree in our backyard.

People think I'm nuts, but sometime in July I always start figuring out Halloween costumes. So, I remembered the zebra costume Noah wore 2 years ago (that I loved) and pulled it out for Lincoln to try on. How cute is he? Plus Noah had already decided that he wants to be a tiger (he's really into animals right now), so that will coordinate nicely together too I think.

Anyway, Noah wanted in on the fun so I pulled out our grizzly bear costume for him to wear. Here is Lincoln the zebra giving a big ol' cheeser, and Noah the grizzly giving a scary face.

The boys wanted me to take pictures of the bear attacking the zebra. This picture cracks me up. I love my boys!


Megan said...

That last picture made me laugh. How cute is that?

Jana said...

Cute,cute photos! I love those little animals! I love that last photo too.

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Great Pics Babe. I really liked the sexy surgeon look. I haven't told you yet, but that is the way I like to dress in the OR! :)