Monday, August 2, 2010

Isaac turned 4!

My dear friend (Allison) of 20 years has a little boy Noah's age and they are such cute little buddies together. Isaac turned 4 and they threw him a Super Mario birthday party (which is totally into right now). Noah had such a great time (all the kids did) and he talked about it for weeks afterward. Here is a picture of the fantastic cake and cupcakes!

Noah & Isaac.

Lincoln showing me one of the fishing nets (one of his favorite things from the party)...

Busy at work with his net.

This party was like a dream party for a kid...two blow up things (to jump in, slide down), hot dogs/chips/soda, pony rides, snow cones, cake, and plenty of room to just run wild.

Noah and Lincoln enjoying their snow cone.

The birthday boy at cake time.

I'm still not sure what was sweeter - the cake or this cute little face that Lincoln pulled out for me while showing off his slice.

After cake - more swimming and bouncing!

Noah and Isaac ended up running around wearing goggles (Noah borrowed some), and they looked so cute that I had to snap another picture of the two of them. Note how Noah's goggles (being too big) pushed out his cute little ears...and how Isaac (who was starting to get really cold) is starting to get a blue hue to his lips! The combination of these two in this picture cracks me up.

Like I said before, these two are such cute little buddies together. They don't ever argue or fight with each other - they just have a fun time with each other. Plus, they are both huggers (not all kids are, I'm finding out), so there's usually a cute hug like this when it's time to go:
We miss you guys! Noah talks all the time about when we get to see his buddy Isaac at Halloween time!

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