Thursday, July 23, 2009

A visit to the "tile grandparents"

It's funny the nicknames that Noah chooses to attach to each of his grandparents. I've posted what they've been in the past. Right now my parents are the "playhouse & kitchen ones" because of the playthings he's enjoyed in their backyard lately...and Mark's parents are currently "the tile ones" because one day Mark took the boys up to his parents (while I stayed home to get some things done) and Mark tiled their bathroom. I think that more than the big event that the tile job was, Noah remembers that it was a unique expedition that just the boys took up to his grandparents house...and that he had a lot of fun that day. Good point of reference to have, right? Anyhow, this post is from a different visit to the "tile grandparents" house from late May. First of all, the boys got to pet and feed one of Mont's bunnies...

...although Lincoln must have forgotten that this bread was for the bunny. The bunny is even leaning forward like, "Hey, isn't that for me?"

Noah asked what the bunny's name was and she didn't have one, so Mark's dad told Noah to name her. So, Noah decided that its name should be Ariel.

I took a walk with Mary (Mark's mom) and the boys - up through their beautiful garden, past the chickens, and on to their next door neighbor's property.

Noah loves to go see their horses every time that we visit, but this time we let the boys play on the tractor too.

They both loved it, so here are a whole bunch of pictures from our little outing. Not much commentary needed...


Later that day (when it had warmed up a bit more too) grandpa took Noah up to feed the horses. Here is Noah trying to lure over the horse.

Here's a quick clip of about how successful Noah was at trying to get the horse to come over on his own...

Things went much better with a little help from grandpa Mont.

Then, ta-da. All on his own.
We always love our visits to your home, Mont & Mary. Thanks especially for helping to make them so memorable for our boys! Visiting my grandparents and going to see their horse and chickens are such fond memories from my youth, so I'm sure that going to your house is like visiting a wonderland for them too! So - thanks again, tile ones!

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Anonymous said...

How cute they are, especially with Noah all decked out in a cowboy outfit! It looks like a great day. I'm so glad their other grandparents are so great. It makes it fun to share with them. And I'm so glad I've been upgraded am I'm not the Ogre Grandma anymore! (I had a Shrek everyone)

I looooovvve those boys!!! ~Mom