Friday, July 3, 2009

PIM Farewell Luncheon

On May 23rd PIM (Partners in Medicine) held its annual farewell luncheon for our departing members. We've built a good relationship with Steven Runolfson, the owner of La Caille, and he generously offered to host our event at no cost and to offer the menu at a deeply discounted rate (which PIM then also subsidized, making it super affordable to attend). It was held in a lovely room upstairs, and we brought our own centerpiece decorations. Each person took part of a centerpiece home according to the card that we placed under each chair, and each departing member received a matted & framed photograph (also provided to us at a discounted rate) of Delicate Arch. The photography was done by a fellow resident, Brian Johnson, who does fantastic work. Check out his galleries here. The print we gave is called Winter at Delicate Arch and can be found in his 'Simply My Best' gallery. Take a gander - it's worth your time, he does beautiful work.

A quick shot before the guests began to arrive.

Now, I've learned from my past that as much as I think that I'll never forget people's names...we move on to another stage of life and names slip away. So! I'm going to include everyone's names in this post - more for myself down the road than anything else! This photo is Staci Clark (husband Dana was orthopedics fellow), and Claire Donnelly (husband Ryan is pediatrics resident).

Me and Danielle Clayton (her husband Paul is a podiatry resident - the same year as Mark, so a third year as of 3 days ago).

Sarvi & Kenny Maisak - Kenny is a podiatry resident.

Leslie Oaks (husband Gary was podiatry resident - he's done now) with baby Sara who was just 12 days old!

Erin McAllister (husband Brian was anesthesia resident, now fellow), Jolee M. (husband is internal medicine fellow), and Kristi Holmberg (husband Tim is anesthesia resident).

Jeff (psychiatry resident) and Caroline McCann.

Jessica Rubach (husband Matt is medicine/pediatrics resident), Natalie Johnson (husband Stacy was internal medicine fellow - now done!), and Maureen Matthews (husband Doug was general surgery resident - now fellow!).

Chris & Bridgett Brown (she was a pediatrics resident - now done!).

Tom and Jennifer Luthy (she is a pediatrics resident).

Stephanie Thomas (husband Justin was an internal medicine resident), Anna Morshedi (husband Grant was ophthalmology resident), and Shireen Taintor (husband Matt is medicine/pediatrics resident).

We had a delightful lunch and enjoyed just eating and chatting (kid-free) for a couple of hours. I'll never get over how beautiful the grounds are there either so I talked Claire and Jessica into letting me snap a quick shot of them on a bridge. Hi, ladies!
We had a pretty good turnout and I think everyone had a good time, so now we're just looking forward to the welcome brunch in a couple of weeks to meet all the new residents' significant others! Wahoo!


Jana said...

Your luncheon looks so beautiful! What a nice little break from real life. Fun!

Kendra said...

Interesting how people from your past show up in different place. Mike and I went to school with Kenny Maisak.

Heather said...

love those nice dinners. you & danielle look so c.u.t.e!!!!