Sunday, July 26, 2009

Backyard Waterplay

Yes, I'm still working on finishing up May. This picture is of Mark working in the garden (which looks drastically different now - more than 2 months later!)...and the boys running through the spot watering sprinkler. Mark enjoys working in the yard, the boys enjoy playing in the yard, and I enjoy having a bit of time with a quiet house to get stuff done...however, I can't help but come outside and watch how cute my boys are!

This video clip was taken the day before the previous picture was taken. Mark was just getting the settings to the sprinklers set & the boys accidentally ended up in an area of the yard where sprinklers went on, so they got all wet. Since they were already wet, we just let them play. This clip cracked me up though - Lincoln was just standing there in the middle of the sprinklers trying to compute what was going on. Then after he runs over to me, he says "cold" while signing it. Cuteness.

Another day during May we were watching Drew & Michael and decided to make it a water play date. Here's a clip of the boys sliding into the realm of the sprinkler.

Of course, one of the best parts of backyard waterplay is laying down on your warm towel.

Noah & Michael trying to look at me for a photo, but the sun was too darn bright. I thought it was cute that the both struck the same pose to shade their eyes though.
I have plenty of other posts to do that have waterplay too, so I'll just wrap this up. I love summertime.

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