Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Reception

My cousin Brian and his bride Ali had the most beautiful reception at the Garden Park Ward Meeting House grounds. It was fun to visit those beautiful grounds again...Mark & I had our engagement pictures taken there, as well as my bridals. Anyhow, we got there late enough that unfortunately the line had to break up (to cut the cake, etc) before we were able to greet/congratulate the bride & groom - therefore no pictures of them on this post. You can take my word for it though that they are a stunning couple. Here's a picture of my parents with Noah & Lincoln though.

Here's Mark with a good grip on Lincoln's hand. He was really fascinated with the little river running through the property.

Sweet Noah. He enjoyed wandering around the beautiful grounds. I do wish that I'd gotten a picture of him getting his groove on during the dancing too though!

My boys enjoying some yummy refreshments. And don't you love the lanterns hanging everywhere?!

Our little Lincoln his fanatical about fruit. He loves any kind of fruit, and would choose it over cake or cookies anyday!

Linc's expression (while pointing) in this picture cracks me up.
I wish that I'd taken more pictures of the decor - it was beautiful. Lovely reception. And, even though many people might think it would be tragic to have rain start during the reception (there were light showers toward the end) I thought it somehow added to the beautiful, earthy ambiance. Does that make sense? Either way - congrats, Brian & Ali! We hope that your first 2 months of marriage have been wonderful.

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Jana said...

Nice. It was a fun day and night. I always love when we get to be at these events with you and your cute family. I LOVE the photo of Noah over by the water.He's a little model.