Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Superheros in "Capes"

These clips are from a couple of months ago, but running around in their hooded towels after bathing is still the highlight of bath-time these days. Side note: it's funny how so many things in our life now days are referenced to animated films...Lincoln tripping on his "cape" reminded Mark & I of the Pixar film The Incredibles, and the dangers of capes that were explained in that show. If you don't know what I mean (and want to) then click here for a less than 3 minute clip .

Things always in evidently turn to chasing each other, but it's pretty fun to watch...

One day things morphed into a strange game of "head-banging"...or smack your face on the couch. Yes, it's strange, but the boys thought it was hilarious - and I just love the sound of their laughs...

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Jana said...

That makes me giggle too. It's not as funny when my boys do it. Love those guys!