Friday, July 31, 2009

Congrats x 2!

These pictures aren't mine, and I wasn't present for the first two...but they are about half of this post's congratulations, so I decided to include them! My brother graduated from Boston College on May 18th (and has since then also passed boards - wahoo!) and both his parents and Chelsey's parents were able to be there. Chelsey's sisters and my brother Josh also were able to go out there to celebrate with them. Congratulations, Chris! We're proud of you.

After the ceremony.

We were thrilled that Chris, Chelsey & Audrey were able to visit Utah for a few weeks before moving down to Henderson, Nevada (where Chris took a job). So, once they all got to Utah (at the end of May) we had a little shindig at our place. I had maroon & gold balloons celebrating Chris' graduation and blue balloons to celebrate them expecting a little boy!!! Those stinkers kept it a secret clear up until their families came out for graduation, and then they had their ultrasound to find out the sex the next day. So, I got a call from Chelsey telling me, "We're pregnant and it's a boy!" What?! Who has the self control to keep a secret like that? We're over the moon excited for them though & can't wait to meet the little guy...who we've taken to calling "Chuck" since they have yet to settle on or announce a name, and I hate referring to him as "it" or "the baby". And, no, Chuck is not a name that's in the running. Anyway! Here is a picture of Chelsey pushing Audrey on Noah's little bicycle.

Time for bubbles with Grandma.

How cute is she?...

...and Lincoln.

Here's Mark working his magic on the grill. Yum.

Emily (Josh's girlfriend), Josh, and my dad.

Noah running around with his Buzz Lightyear backpack and goggles.

In fact both Audrey & Noah seemed to have a pretty good time wearing the Buzz goggles. Cute little cousins, 'eh?

Who knew that napkin capes would be such a hit, but later when we asked Noah what his favorite part of the night was - that was it!

The cousins enjoying our little slide with Grandma & Grandpa.

And there were a couple of gifts for the new grad and the new little bundle-to-be! Chelsey is always a fun person to give a gift to, she always gives such a genuinely excited response.

Noah enjoyed spinning Audrey on our swing. They were so cute together...

It was so great to have you guys out here in Utah for a while (there are more posts of our fun to come!) and although we wish you could have stayed, we're glad that you're a relatively short car drive away now, instead of the opposite side of the country! We love you!

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