Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Backyard Camping

Toward the end of May we decided that it would be fun to set the tent up in the backyard and let Noah "camp out". Since Lincoln was still waking up at night I decided to stay in to get up with him & Mark would do the father-son thing and sleep in the tent with Noah. The one-on-one attention is good anyway. Here are Mark & Noah getting the tent all set up, and the supplies they'd need ready..."supplies" being snacks, a portable dvd player (which they hooked up to hand from the ceiling of the tent), and flashlights which Noah was thrilled to get to pack in his own trusty back-pack.

Of course the tent served as a fun thing to play in for everyone before the official "camp out" began.

I just love my three boys.
Maybe all four of us can even fit in a real camping trip this summer. We'll see...

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Jana said...

That's the way to camp! Their faces show it all. Such cute boys. All three.