Friday, July 3, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Yes, I said Mayo...and I'm aware that 5 de Julio is in a couple of days. I just seem to get further & further behind & hate to post out of order, so here we go: These pictures are from back on the 5th of May (duh) at a playgroup. I'm so glad that Lincoln has worked his way out of the horrible pushing/hitting stage that he was in at that time. That's the main thing that I remember from that playgroup...him attacking practically every other kid there. Children began flinching when he ran past them. *sigh* The funny thing about that stage was that he never did it with any anger, it was a game to him & he did it smiling and just wasn't as fun to the other kids.

I don't know that hammocks are made for three...

One highlight of the playgroup was the pinata. Each of the kids got a chance to give it a whack. The order went from youngest to oldest. Lincoln was one of the youngest, but he didn't need much coaxing to give the colorful hat a good thump.

Noah enjoyed giving the pinata a good smack.
A funny side-note the previous picture you can see a couple (of the many) moms at playgroup who are pregnant, which reminded me of a news story from last night about one of our PIM members (Camilla) that just had a baby! It's worth taking a look at, just click here. I know the other girl in the story too. She's in my ward & used to be my visiting teacher. So, it was fun to see them both on the news last night! What a story.

Little Isaac is such an athletic kid, he has a nice strong swing.

Michael was the oldest kid at the playgroup, so after each kid had taken two turns...he was unleashed on the pinata until the candy rained down.
It was such a great playgroup. Thanks so much, Erin!...and if you (Erin) happen to be reading this, congrats on your big surprise! (twins!!!) Three boys under 2? You're my new hero.

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