Monday, October 4, 2010

September Primary Activity

I have the opportunity now of volunteering with our congregation's Primary (Sunday School for kids under 12) at our church. Toward the end of September we had a primary activity on missionary work. The photos in this picture are missionaries from our ward (congregation) that are serving in various places around the world (which we showed on the map).
I have to mention that all this talk about missionaries made me reflect on lots of memories from my time as a missionary in Germany...and made me think about how much I miss my brother Josh (who's almost 13 years younger than me) that is on a mission right now.

Anyhow! Back to the activity...Here is Emily helping some of the kids during a cute missionary bingo game that Karen put together.

Noah taking the game quite seriously.

Time to eat the bingo game pieces! Mmmm.

We wrapped all sorts of goodies that we put in packages to mail off to our ward's missionaries for Christmas.

Karen and I helping some of the kids wrap presents.

The kids also wrote letters (or drew pictures) to include in the little packages.

Lastly the kids decorated these cute little containers filled with m&m's (for "member missionary").

Here is a picture of all of the kids that were able to attend the activity that day.
I'm excited to be able to serve in our ward's primary presidency. It's new for me, but I'm enjoying getting to know all these sweet kids...and it's been fun to have an extra little peek into watching how Noah interacts during primary too! I can hardly believe that in a couple of months Lincoln will be moving up from nursery also!

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