Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Noah art volume 1

As endearing as every creation made by my children is...we can't archive every one, as any reasonable parent knows. So, long before Noah even started preschool I set some ground-rules with Noah (and myself) that we can only pick our favorites to keep. The other ones are great too, but we can't keep all of them. We've done pretty well with this over the last couple of years, but I'll admit that it's been more difficult since Noah started school. So, perhaps more to help me part with some of these treasures than anything else, I've decided to take pictures of a few of my favorites. This first picture is a snake that Noah made out of clay the first week of school (about 7 weeks ago). He was quite excited that he made a diamondback rattlesnake (note the pink rattle at the end). Noah is very "in to" animals right now...and at the beginning of the school year it was particularly desert creatures. At this point he's more into African animals.

This is a finger painting bouquet of flowers (in a paper pieced flower pot) that he painted letters on also. You can see that letters in his name were popular (familiar) choices for him to use.

This is just one of the random doodles that we find constantly around our house right now. I don't remember who it is supposed to be now, but I figured I should take a picture of one since kids seem to go through phases with what/the way they draw. I love how the arms at legs come straight from the head.

This is one of my favorite drawings that Noah frequently draws right now. A tiger! I love the stripes and the long claws. Also Notice that he has started "signing" (writing his name on) all of his works of art (habit from school).

One day Noah came in the front room and told me that he'd written me a love letter (how sweet is he?) and handed me this note. I'm still not sure where he learned that term. Anyway, Noah went on to point out that he'd also drawn a heart for me at the top of the note. I love this sweet boy.

The second word (after his own name) that Noah learned to write was "mom". One day he drew this picture for me at school and proudly told me that it was a picture of me. Looks just like me, don't ya' think?
I'm sure that volume 2 will be coming soon...

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