Wednesday, October 13, 2010

September wrap up

Alrighty. It's time for me to post all the random pictures from September that didn't make it into a previous post. Back when my friend Dani was babysitting the triplets, we met them at Chick-fil-A (yup, it was a Tuesday night). Here's Dani with the girls all lined up ready to eat dinner:

Noah with the science guy at Chick-fil-A

During the middle of September Noah's preschool held an ice cream social. Here are Linc and Noah enjoying theirs...

Two of the Noahs. In Noah's preschool class there are 3 boys named Noah, and they are all friends (play together at outside time, etc). Here's our Noah Cole (as he goes by at school) and Noah S.

Noah has started on a little soccer team. His first practice was September 17th. Here are a couple pictures from that practice. How cute is he in those little shinguards/socks and cleats?

Most of the parents stay and watch practice, which is fun. Here is Mark keeping Lincoln entertained.

Now I have to mention a few things about Noah's soccer experience. First of all, there are 6 kids on his team altogether. The other 5 all attend a different preschool together, so I was afraid that we'd feel uncomfortable or not included - but that hasn't been the case. The boys are all so cute to watch play, and even generally a bit more clueless than I had anticipated. At this point Noah's favorite part of the soccer experience is drinking his own Gatorade. He has one practice and one game per week. We love watching him, and are so glad that he looks forward to going too.

Lincoln and Noah re-hydrating after practice.

We found out that there is a Culver's not terribly far from where we live. We used to enjoy eating there sometimes in Iowa, so after Noah's first soccer practice we drove up and ate out together "as a family"...which has become Noah's fallback phrase to get what he wants (and it usually works). It's hard to resist when he says, "Mom, can we all go ____ as a family?" Anyway, it was a yummy treat to eat there, and brought us back to our days in the midwest. Here are a couple of pictures of Noah and me.

Lincoln and Mark giving me their super-cheesers.

I introduced Lincoln to the delight of dipping french fries in ice cream (a concrete, or custard in this case)...he loved it. Noah was more loyal to ketchup.

One day while Noah was at school Lincoln asked me to take some pictures of us. Random, but I loved it. He is so often anti-photo. So here are a couple of pictures taken at arm length...

Linc gave me this smooch all on his own for the picture. He's such an affectionate little guy.

The boys showing off the painted creatures on their arms...courtesy of another Chick-fil-A family night (Noah - rattlesnake, Lincoln - spider).

The CFO of the company Mark works for came to Arizona, so the physicians and their spouses all attended a dinner together at a nice local resort. We had our good friends Jayson & Dani watch our boys so we could go (thank you!!) and we had a great time. The food was delicious and they had some of the best crème brûlée that I've ever had. Mmmm. Here's a picture of us before we left for our night out...

The night of our friend Jayson's 29th birthday we invited him and Dani over for birthday cake. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache between the layers, and peanut butter frosting (Jayson is a big PB fan) for the top. The problem...the layers slid all over the place. I should have done 2 instead of 4, especially in my hot Arizona kitchen. *sigh* So, Mark helped me to just slice out servings of cake and just dollop the PB frosting on top. We threw a candle in Jayson's slice, sang Happy Birthday, and Jayson kindly gave us a dramatic pose for our blowing out the candle picture!


Becky T said...

Mmmmm, Culvers!! I'm jealous. :) One of my favorite Iowa locations! I love the little soccer cute!

Anna and Stephen said...

I want a Chick-Fil-A like that! So cool!

I also was thinking- isn't going to get too cold for soccer? And then remembered where you live. I guess that's definitely one benefit- the outdoor fun can continue all year round!