Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun with new friends

One morning, toward the end of September, I took Lincoln to the park (while Noah was at school) and while there we met a nice mom & her boys. The mom's name is Danielle, and she and I had a nice time chatting while our boys played together. Sometimes it's just nice to meet another mom that is, to say it...normal? I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. She's just nice and easy to talk to. Anyway, her adorable son Tristan is just a few months younger than Lincoln, and she also has a newborn baby. I'm not sure who was more happy about making a new friend - Lincoln or myself. Anyway, we made plans to get Lincoln & Tristan together for a play-date that next week at a little splash pad. They had a great time.

Tristan and Lincoln cooling off in the splash pad.

I've had a lot of pictures of running through splash pads lately, but it is really so fun to watch. Mark and I were noticing how many of them capture Lincoln running full tilt at nearly a 45 degree angle too...

Lincoln's favorite part of any play-date or activity...snack time.

Eventually some quiet little girls joined the fun, although they watched our active little boys cautiously at first...

I was actually saying "Oh, Tristan...don't drink the water" while I took the picture. What's wrong with me?

We had to leave the splash pad a bit sooner than we would've liked to in order to pick Noah up from school on time. From there I changed Lincoln into dry clothes and we took our lunch (that I'd packed into a cooler that morning) with us to a gym to eat, and then do open-play (pay to run amok at-will at their facility) with a friend (LeeAnna) from Noah's class. Here are Noah and LeeAnna at the rope swing...

Noah loved swinging back and forth and then falling into all the foam blocks.

Almost every picture that I took of Lincoln at the gym turned out blurry. Imagine that. Here's one of him hanging from an uneven bar though...

I wish that I'd had more time to talk with LeeAnna's mom Michelle (who invited us), but it was quite a feat for me to keep tabs on both boys who were always running in different directions. It was fun though - and we all had a great time. Thanks for inviting us, Michelle!
The best thing about getting home from that busy, fun morning and afternoon (besides Lincoln going straight down for his nap with no complaint) was that the house was still clean. Funny how that works when nobody is home :)

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