Monday, October 25, 2010

Road trip!

On October 9th we loaded up the car and took off on a road trip to Utah! We left first thing in the morning and it took us 12 1/2 hours to get there, but we enjoyed ourselves along the way too. We let the kids play at McDonald's for lunch, and we pulled the car over a couple of times to enjoy the striking scenery. What a beautiful drive! I've never made the drive between Utah and Arizona (even when we moved here I flew in). The boys really were good on the drive too, and it was nice to have time together to just talk. The boys loved this scenic overlook that we stopped at and took a couple of pictures. They kept saying how "awesome" it was. I think Noah could have sat on this little post and looked out over the landscape for a very long time if we had let him.

All three of my boys.

Lately, when a camera comes out and Linc is near me his loves to plant a kiss on my cheek for the picture...and he'll just hold that pose until you tell him that you got the picture. Cute li'l guy.

I couldn't help myself. I had to document this. We were out in the middle of nowhere and Noah had to go #2. With Noah's obsession with animals (and his love for pretend-play and reenactment) we wondered if Noah was really just bored and liked the idea of pooping in the desert "just like the animals do" (it hadn't been that long before that when he'd been asking questions about that). We weren't about to challenge a 4 year old who's saying he's gotta go though. So, Mark was even kind enough as to scout out somewhere that the little guy could actually sit to do his business. I took this picture from the car after Noah was finished. He's pointing to the metal debris that he sat on, where he finally forced out a miniature turd...and then promptly admitted that he really just wanted to poop in the desert like the animals. Nice.
That's perhaps a strange note to end a post on, but that's all that I've got from our drive to Utah. We had a pretty good time up until that very last hour. I think that by that time we'd all just about had it. We were tired and wanted to be done we were listening to the most annoying kids' cd of all time - on repeat.

I really am actually glad that we drove though. Seriously. I had one of those sentimental moments during the middle of the road trip where I realized that I am living the life right now that I've always hoped to have. Speeding past spectacular scenery with my feet on the dashboard and licorice in my mouth...and with my wonderful husband and our two beautiful kids next to me. Life is good. And it was good to be forced to slow down enough to think that thought.

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Anna and Stephen said...

What cute pictures, and funny story about Noah. :) I'm glad to hear that you are so happy.

I'm also glad to hear that long car trips with young kids can be successful. We'll be braving our first one this winter!