Monday, October 4, 2010

Park & splash pad

When Lincoln got to attend that fun birthday party at a splash pad while Noah was at school, Noah was so bummed. So, I told the boys that we'd go again soon with both of them. The last Saturday in September we packed lunches and headed back up there for the afternoon. We played at the adjacent park first (after a quick photo by these cool turtle of course)...

Next to the two playgrounds and splash pad is this big (28 acre) man-made lake. We didn't even know that the fountain in the middle of the lake was anything special until we happened to notice it begin to spray higher & higher into the air. It was actually quite impressive. Here's Linc with the fountain in the background - I get a giggle out of the fact that it looks like it's landing on his head, and with that expression on his face:

Apparently the fountain sprays like this at the top of every hour for 15 minutes and is one of the tallest spraying fountains in the world! I guess it held the world record for tallest fountain for a decade when it was built, but has been surpassed by a few around the world since then. Still - with sprays reaching over 560 feet, it made for an impressive display. I guess the park also boasts an "18 hole championship disc golf course" also. Really? I didn't know there even was professional "disc golf" (frisbee golf). Awesome. Here is Noah (with his cute little closed-mouth-smile) with the fountain in the background:

Lincoln playing on one of the playgrounds.

Noah decided at one point that chasing birds was more amusing than either the fountain or the playground...

Our boys on the playground airplane.

A quick shot of Noah & Lincoln as we walked over to the splash pad. I love our two little dudes.

As soon as we got to the splash pad the boys bee-lined for the water gun. Here's Noah giving it a try first.

And Lincoln spraying Noah down. Luckily they're both smiling.

Lincoln running through the splash area. I worry that the kid is going to bite his tongue off one of these days with how often he his it out (you can see it if you click this picture to look at it larger).

With the temperature reaching 106 that afternoon, Mark and I enjoyed hanging out in at the shaded picnic tables next to the park and splash pad while the boys played. With the heat being dry heat, the shade actually makes a big difference and the heat can be quite tolerable. Noah and Lincoln are getting to be such cute little buddies with each other (when they want to be) and it was just a lot of fun to hang out and watch them together.

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Jana said...

This placed looks so fun! I wish we'd discovered it while I was there. I love Noah in front of Old Faithful. :)