Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gardner Village

Early in the day on the 11th we visited Gardner Village with my mom, my brother Chris' family, my friend Allison and her son Isaac. We were excited to get the kids together and just let them run around in their costumes. Right after we got there we ate lunch at the bakery, and then we put on the kids' costumes to take pictures (a ton of pictures) and let them run around.

Here are a couple of pictures from when we first got to Gardner Village.

Noah & Lincoln.

Linc & Noah looking up in amazement at the first of many witches they saw there (their expressions, or lack of, crack me up)...

I should mention that some of the pictures in this post were taken by my mom, or my brother Chris (who took & edited this one of our mom & Ezra)...

Noah with one of the witches.

Then we got the kids in their costumes. Audrey and Noah admired one another's costumes for a minute...

...and then they were off! (with Lincoln, the zebra, trailing behind them)

Princess Audrey

Isn't she a beautiful little Cinderella?

Smiley Ezra in his giraffe costume (with his mama)!

Lincoln the zebra!

Time for cousin pictures!

And a couple pictures of just the wild animals (the boys)...this one cracks me up. Noah's got on his mean-tiger face and Ezra the giraffe looks pretty happy while he manages to somehow swipe Linc out of the way with one arm...

The trio wasn't thrilled about the number of posed pictures we tried to do. The best part (for me) was when Lincoln put his hands over his face to try and put an end to the madness...

Noah, Isaac (Iron Man), and Lincoln.

Noah & Isaac. Such cute little buddies.

Audrey & Noah.

A couple of pictures of just my little Lincoln.

I (seriously) didn't notice the big sign with bright red letters on the front of the sleigh saying to keep off the sleigh...nor did I hear everyone trying to tell me about it. *sigh* My mind was somewhere else (obviously), but my brother was kind enough as to catch my blunder on film:

Noah, my sweet little tiger.

And as a ferocious beast.

One last cousins picture...and Ezra had enough.

My two wild animals.

Tiger attacking zebra.

Cute little Isaac.

Noah just playing around. I'm not sure what the deal was with the big bell, but aren't the oversized paws (feet) on his costume cute?!

Sadly, Audrey and Ezra (& parents) had to catch a flight - so we had to say goodbye to them. While giving hugs Audrey kept saying she didn't want to go and was really sad about leaving everyone. Her sad little face made both my mom and I get all teary. I'm not sure if we were more sad for her or ourselves. Just look at that face...

Not to leave fun cousin-time on a down-note...here's some comic relief from cute little Ezra:

After Chris, Chels & co. left - we (Mark, the boys, my mom & I) stuck around for a while longer and ran around with Allison & Isaac. We ran around looking at witches, played on the bridge, shared a caramel apple (thanks, Al!), and just enjoyed the beautiful crisp fall weather.

My mom & Mark with the boys.

Allison & I.

The sign cracked us up ("Where Friends Wind Up"), so we had to take a picture...

We told Isaac and Noah if they took a smiley picture that we'd do silly faces next. Here are the smiles...

...and here are the silly faces.

Of course, once the silly faces came out Lincoln wanted in on things.

In case you couldn't see Lincoln's elasti-face well enough in the last shot, here's a close up.

The three little guys on a pony ride.


You would've thought he was on a wild ride. Lincoln loved it. His first ride on a pony.

Noah enjoyed the ride too of course!

One last buddies picture before saying goodbye.
so. much. fun.

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