Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Library & stuff.

We had plans to meet Danielle and Tristan (& baby Brady) at a library class last Wednesday. I also offered to watch Brody that day since his family was packing to move (blech). We had a little time to kill after I picked up until the library class started so we decided to stop by Jamba Juice. A good friend of ours from church (Jayson) manages this store, so it's a bonus to be able to bring a little business that way when we're looking for a yummy treat.

I also had to drop something by Mark's office, so we brought him a Jamba as well. Every time that we visit Mark's office Lincoln runs underneath these, so he was excited to show Brody too...

Finally we made it to the library and Lincoln & Brody had some time to play before the class started. Lincoln using the pretend library book-drop.

Tristan and Lincoln were really cute playing together, even wrestling at one point. I just snapped this picture of them being silly on the floor.

At one point during the class the instructor brought out these bells for the kids to play with. Lincoln and Brody thought they were hilarious to put on their heads...

Out of the blue, during the story time, Lincoln threw himself down on the ground and started "sleeping"...imitating an obnoxious snore and all. The woman reading the story even stopped to say, "Oh, I'm sorry - did I put you to sleep?" Yup. That's my kid.

Tristan, Brody, and Lincoln looking outside after the class was over... we headed outside. Here's a cute picture of Brody (with Tristan and Lincoln climbing the wall in the background). Brody was a lot more cautious than the other two monkeys, and he stayed on the lower part of the wall.

While walking around this wall, Tristan ran over and gave Lincoln a hug...and then they promptly fell off the wall. It wasn't far though, and neither of them were hurt.

Tristan & Lincoln (with Brody hangin' out in the shade behind them).

Lincoln & Brody.
A fun morning...and such cute boys!


Anonymous said...

I love that you do this babe. -Mark

Anna and Stephen said...

What fun things. It's really great that you take pictures of the everyday things- those are some of the most important to remember. That library looks fun!