Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Splash pad b-day party

Last Wednesday Lincoln was super excited (as you can see below) to attend a birthday party of a little friend of his (Durham) from his primary class at church.
I took these two pictures of Linc (holding the birthday gift he brought) right when we got there because I wanted to capture how giddy he was to start playing with the other kids and to attack that splash pad! I love that little boy.

Durham (the b-day boy) and Lincoln.

Lincoln taking a turn manning the water gun. This splash pad is super cute. How cool is that snake?

Can you tell how much Lincoln loved this?

Here is Lincoln flying around the splash pad like Buzz Lightyear, often shouting out enthusiastically "To infinity and beyond!"

This Lincoln of ours can run, and run, and run. And run.

Durham with his cute cake (Marissa H. from church made it, with some help from the birthday boy's siblings).

Cute li'l Maryanne (Marissa's daughter) with Sabrina (the birthday boy's sister...who I must add is such a sweet, bright girl - I hope I have a daughter like her someday).

Linc enjoying some birthday cupcake form.

Durham opening Lincoln's gift. I have to mention how much fun I had taking Lincoln shopping (one-on-one) to buy it. This was the first time that Lincoln began to grasp the concept of buying a toy to give to somebody else as a gift. He was sooo excited to give it to Durham.

Of course Lincoln's excitement about the gift was fed by the fact that it was a Thomas the train. We knew that Durham likes trains and a Thomas lego set sounded like a good fit.

Of course, Lincoln was really sad when it came right down to parting with the gift. He wanted Durham to open and "share!" the gift with him right then. That's what his expression of longing is in this picture, if you can tell (notice that he is holding the gift in the photo).
We did eventually convince Lincoln to relinquish the gift back to the birthday boy and make a quick departure (in order to get back to Noah's school in time to pick him up). We had such a great time that we were sorry we couldn't stay longer, but we were both so glad that we were able to go! How fun to have a birthday party at a splash pad...and in September!

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Jana said...

I love the pictures with Lincoln running around in true Lincoln style. So cute! I love him. It's fun to see him having so much fun.