Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Among other things, Noah currently has quite a fascination with sharks. So, here he is in his sharky swim getup. He was pretty excited about our new elephant swimming pool too (he has four different elephants that he takes to bed with him right now).

And here is Noah pretending to be a shark - "biting" Mark's knee.

Noah thought it was pretty cool when he found out that there was a song that he could associate with sharks (thank you "Jaws"). He kept swimming around while singing it...and of course it's always fun to splash the person with the camera, right?

Lincoln was such a champ getting in the pool. He's never been in cold water like that, so we were surprised how readily he took to it. He just sat on Mark's lap, looked around and smiled and splashed.

Noah has started being so evasive when he sees me pull out the camera. For every picture that I have of him, there are probably a dozen unsuccessful tries at taking that shot. Just before I took this picture Noah was standing near me smiling and jabbering...I pulled the camera up and he spun around and ran away. Here he is taking refuge in the pool as he looks back to see if I'm following him with the camera. *sigh*

Eventually it was time to call it an evening. Here's Lincoln sticking his chin out and yammering in gentle protest at getting a bit chilly.

His cozy little swimsuit cover-up warmed him right up though, so we let him lay on the grass just a little longer until Noah was ready to be done.

Then inside we went and on to a warmer water source. Bathtime!

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