Saturday, June 14, 2008

7 months (& 3 days) old

Now, some of you are thinking, "Didn't they just get Lincoln's pictures done not too long ago?"...the answer is "Yup! One month ago!". We got Noah's pictures done every month during his first year, so I swore that I'd do that for each of my kids. It's definitely more of an endeavor to keep that up with having more than one kiddo, but so far so good! I splurged on his newborn & 6 month photos, but other than that I've spent hardly anything on photos because I've been able to score some really great deals! This photographer was advertising on asking for babies & kids to model so she can increase her portfolio - so, for super cheap I got the photo session and a CD with all the edited pictures (over 100 of them). Sweet, huh? Anyone with kids (locally) that wants her info just email me & I'll pass it on - she's still looking for baby/kid models & her studio is in North Salt Lake.

Mark's mom hand-made this adorable quilt for Lincoln, and we just love it. Her mom (so, Linc's great-grandma) even hand stitched a square on the back. When he's not rolling across the room, he likes to lay on it and look at all the cute animals. As for this photo, I love how square his face looks in this picture with those big cheeks!

Our little cowboy.

This soft blanky is the one Lincoln sleeps with at night. Noah's sweet birthmother sent it to Lincoln after he was born. He was enjoying playing with it during the photo session. I love how he's peeking from behind it in this I adore his gorgeous eyes & lashes!
That's our smiley guy.

As you can see, we don't starve our little sweet pea. He eats really well & hasn't rejected anything that we've offered him, although now that he's got a more expanded repertoire he seems to not prefer green beans as much. Anyway, his current weight now is a solid 22 pounds, 13 ounces! Don't you just love the rolls on his arms?! He's such a sweet, happy, cuddly ball of chub and we love him so much. Happy seven months, Lincoln.

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