Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congrats to our Grad!

Congratulations, Josh! My little (can you say that when he's 6 feet tall?) brother just graduated from highschool! So, I'm going to take some time to brag on/embarrass him.

Josh has always really excelled academically. He pulled fantastic grades (usually perfect) while taking mostly AP and honors courses & doing early college - as well as working and being involved in marching band. He graduated with high honors and two college scholarships. While I'm so proud of him for all of that, I'm even more proud of the person that he is. He is thoughtful, considerate, honest and kind. He's a great uncle, a hard worker, and lots of fun to be around. All of these things taken into consideration...he'll still somehow always feel like my baby brother (cut me some slack though, he's 12 & 1/2 years younger than me!). We love you, Josh!

Here's Lincoln with my mom at Josh's graduation ceremony.

The commencement ceremony was held at Weber State University (where Mark & I both did our undergrad), so it was fun to go back there. We have fond memories of that time in our life and those first couple years of our marriage. Anyway! Noah was fascinated with the 'wildcat' statue out front. Here is Noah with his great-grandpa, talking about the scary cat with claws... didn't scare Noah though. Here he is sticking his hand in the big cat's mouth :)

And here's my dad holding Noah while Josh puts his graduation cap on him. We have a long, long time until my baby will put on a graduation cap, right? Let's see...we're more than 1/9th of the way there? What?!

And here's our family with the grad!

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