Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now that's fishy...

Here are a couple more pictures from about a week & 1/2 ago when Mark and his dad went fishing. This is Mont smooching one of the trout he caught.

Just a neat shot of Mark with his line cast out. I love the mossy rocks and the waterfall. Too bad that the sun from above, as well as all the light reflecting off that water, gave Mark a pretty mean sunburn. Other than that I think it was a perfect day for him.

Now on to a different little fish! Here is Noah playing "make believe" (Mark has instructed me that it is NOT dress up) in his Nemo costume. I scored it for a few bucks on a sweet deal online. Noah thinks it's lots of fun to act out (or recite along with the characters) what is going on in in whatever show he's watching - preferably with a prop of some kind. If we don't have a character that he wants then he just finds something to substitute. For example he has a zebra that he pretends is Pumba (from the Lion King)...not much of a resemblance, but it works. So! He thinks it's lots of fun to be able to dress up as his beloved clown fish and act out the show.

This is a 60 second clip of Noah. It's funny though - he is like a really cute version of the annoying guy in at the movies who likes to not only recite the lines of the movie, but also tell you all about what part is coming up next and who everyone is. I love our funny little fish.

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