Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Guy

I have been "tagged" by two different people & have yet to post a response yet (sorry Leslie & Amber!). One tag was a list of things about me, and the other was questions about my hubby. So! I've decided that since Mark's birthday was two days ago, and Father's Day is tomorrow...that I'll kinda meld the two together and do a combination of the two on Mark!
First, here's a picture of Mark fishing today...
Since Mark just turned thirty-one, here are 31 gee-whiz facts about Mark:
1.He was born in Long Beach, California & moved from there to small town Morgan, Utah when he was 3 years old. 2.When he was a little boy he had a make believe friend (a bull) named "Wipeout". 3.Mark can juggle. 4.He is mildly claustrophobic (due to an incident being trapped behind a couch as a kid). 5.He served a mission for our church in Holland & still speaks pretty good Dutch! 6.His undergraduate degree is in Zoology. 7.He learned woodworking from his grandfather, and fishing from his father. He loves both, and hopes to make more time for doing both in the coming years. 8.He couldn't burp until about a year & a half ago. Seriously. 9.He's a huge tease. Even as a tiny kid, he'd wait hiding behind the counter for someone to walk in the room to jump out and scare them. 10.He loves watching documentaries and discovery channel shows. 11.He loves to cook new things - and is really good at it (lucky me)! 12.He graduated medical school (podiatry program) from Des Moines University. 13.He is very competitive - whether it's cards, croquet, soccer, racquetball, fencing, or any other sport. In fact, he blew his ACL out 3 years ago while playing indoor soccer (his mind remembered how to play like he was 17 years old, but his body didn't), and having it replaced was his first major surgery. 14.He was just on the radio for the first time 3 days ago. 15.He is great at fixing things. 16.He made me several pieces of jewelry when we were in high school. They all got stolen when our apartment was robbed 4 years ago. 17.He enjoys playing backgammon & chess. 18.After knowing each other for 6 years, Mark proposed to me under a windmill in the Dutch countryside at sunset (yes, he can be very romantic). 19.He totaled a car on the autobahn in Germany. And, since we're on the topic of driving...he got a ticket once on Thanksgiving Day driving in Missouri, and another time when coming home from Illinois. On the latter he complimented the officer (sincerely) for being "full service" when he provided Mark with an envelope to mail in payment for his ticket. Mark is actually a really good driver though, I swear. 20.He is quite proud of his unattached earlobes. 21.He loves Henry Weinhard's Root Beer. 22.He enjoys yard work & gardening (must've gotten that from his dad), and can often be found toting Noah around in a backpack while he works outside. 23.He likes hiking & enjoys an annual hike with two good friends from high school where they hike a high point in a different state each year. One tradition he started with that hike is to brush his teeth once they reach the peak (it must be refreshing?). 24.He has sung a song in Dutch to Noah at night since he was a new baby. 25.He enjoys golfing, and worked part time as a valet at a country club (during med school) so that he could get free golfing. 26.He also worked a construction job & a job as a phlebotomist at a hospital during med school, as well as having worked at two different hospitals with crazy hours during undergrad. So, even though his schedule during residency has been hectic at times, he's not a stranger to being busy or working hard. 27.He is such a great, hands-on dad with our two boys! He is always helps out with feeding, bathing, diapers, etc. and often takes them with him on errands. He loves reading to Noah, and wrestling with him. And Lincoln's face lights up when Mark walks in the room. 28.When on a long road trip Mark stays awake by eating baby carrots and drinking Coke. 29.He is quite particular about the way things are organized in the kitchen cupboards - not that that's a bad thing! 30.He has quite a sweet tooth & enjoys anything sweet, but his favorite candy is Junior Mints, and if he has chocolate he prefers dark. 31.He laughs at me if I ever call him by his full (first, middle & last) name when I'm mad/frustrated at him...cause he says that not even his mom ever did that.
Mark - I love you so much. And, I am so grateful for every part of the last 31 years that made you into who you are today. You are such a wonderful husband and daddy and I'm so blessed to have you in my life. Happy Birthday & Happy Father's Day, sweetheart!

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