Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Visitors x 3!!!

Alright! I'm only a couple of posts away from finally being caught up on my blogging :) This one is about the three fun visits that we've had recently. First of all...
Rachel, Ryan & Henry
Mark's sister, her husband, and their son Henry came from Denver. So, all of Mark's family got together at the zoo! It was so fun to see the three of them & we could hardly get over how big Henry has gotten. This picture is Ryan and cute little Henry.

Noah walking with uncle Dave.
Time to ride the train!

Noah was not ready to be done with the train...or the zoo.

Lincoln and grammy.

Gaurav & Swati
The next fun visit we had was from some good friends of ours that we met while living in Iowa. Swati & Gaurav were able to stop in for an evening during their journey from Iowa to California, where they are moving to San Jose for Gaurav's job. We've missed them so much & it was so good to just have something to eat and visit together. We hope that all goes well with settling in, you two!

Chelsey & Audrey
And - last, but not beautiful sister-in-law Chelsey and our adorable niece Audrey! We were able to conspire with them to surprise my parents with their visit, so that was a lot of fun. Boy were they ever shocked! Here are several pictures - mostly of Audrey for two reasons: because she's so dang cute that I couldn't help myself, and also for my brother Chris who wasn't able to join them on the trip out (he's still back in Boston).

Chelsey holding Lincoln. He's gotten quite a bit bigger since she saw him last!
Doesn't she have a sweet profile?

I was really set on getting a picture of the three grandkids together, but Lincoln went down for a nap, it was past Audrey's bedtime (with a 2 hour time change) & Noah really didn't want to do pictures, or to be strapped into a stroller. Better luck next time maybe?

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