Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raspberries & Soggy Bottom

So, I just had to post a clip of Lincoln doing some funny raspberries. I had been giggling at him for a while before grabbing my camera so this is just the tail end of things, but it's still pretty good.
Take a gander:

Now let me preface this part by saying that Noah has never made the slightest attempt to get out of the bath on his own. He loves bath time and will play until the water is cold. So it caught us very off guard when he jumped out of the bath and streaked (yes, pun intended) into the living room the other day. It took us a couple of tries to catch him since we were laughing so much, but once we did we decided bath time was over anyway and we dried him off and put his diaper on. After we were finished with that Noah promptly stood up and ran into the bathroom and jumped back into the bath tub (with the new diaper on, of course). *sigh* So, we grabbed the camera to document his silliness. Here he is swimming like a turtle:

We just love these two sweet boys.

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