Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Snow Cone

Yes, I am documenting Noah's first snow cone :) And we made an evening out of it. Really. I found this little (used) motorized car, with detachable parent handle, for an amazing steal and Noah was excited to try it out. So, when Mark got home from work we headed up the street several blocks to our local snow cone shack. Mind you, the car goes really slow - and Noah would forget to keep pushing the button on the steering wheel now and then (until he was either reminded, or he noticed that the car had stopped), our little adventure literally took us 2 hours round trip! It was a nice, relaxing (and yummy!) evening though.

Now, it has been years since I've had a snow cone. So, unless they have all evolved - this place serves up some pretty special snow cones (although I'm sure it's no "Sno-Ball" Becky T.)! They offer cream or ice cream as mix-ins along with your flavor choice. It may not be the low fat way to go, but yuuuum! I don't remember what the name of mine was, but of course it had to have "Tiger's Blood" in it!

A clip of Noah multi-tasking. Driving and sipping on his Pina Colada snow cone. "Delicious!" and "Colada..mmmm" he says...

The trip home took a lot longer than the one to get the snow cones. Let's just say we made frequent stops like this :)

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