Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ready, mommy?

I'm not too sure exactly why doing an under-doggy is so thrilling, but I still remember it from when I was a little girl...and it sure elicits squeals of delight from Noah. So, we spend a decent amount of time with the blue swing hanging from our chestnut tree. This particular day felt extra special for some reason. Maybe it was the way the light was bouncing off his hair, or the blossoms littering the lawn, or seeing bare little toes again after so long...I dunno, but we spent extra time doing under-doggies that day.

Barefooted bliss.

And for those of you that would enjoy a video clip, here you go! Of course I couldn't do an under-doggy while filming, but Noah does enjoy touching the camera with his toe. I love the way he says "funny mommy" :)

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