Tuesday, September 29, 2009


September 3rd was the University of Utah's first game this season and we were lucky enough to end up with free tickets to the sold-out game! About an hour or so before the game started my uncle Brent called me and said that he wasn't going to be able to use his tickets that night and would we like to go! Now, it isn't very often that spontaneity gets to happen with us (between Mark's often-times crazy schedule, and all that goes into having a 3 and 1 year old in toe). However, Mark was able to hurry home (and go in crazy early the next morning to get his notes from that day done) and I got the boys ready, diaper bag packed, etc - and we were off! This was the first the first football game that we'd taken the boys to, and we had a good time. Of course, the treats we bought were a bit part of the fun for the boys, and we were lucky to have nice people sitting around us that put up with the boys' antics. I should point out...Linc has his fist in his mouth because we took his pacifier away. He kept throwing it at the people's heads that were one or two rows ahead of us *sigh*

Here's a quick 4-second clip of Noah enjoying joining in with some cheering. You can see how pleased he is with the whole thing, and I love how he looks around at everybody as he joins in with an "ahhhh!":

3-second clip of Mark teaching Linc how to clap/cheer:

Thanks so much for thinking of us, Brent! We had a great time...and even with the boys we were able to stay until the end of the game!

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