Friday, September 25, 2009

The Highlights of Soccer

Although there are no pictures in this post of the boys actually kicking a soccer ball, they are starting to enjoy that part of their soccer club more. Even Lincoln likes to dribble the ball and kick it into the net. However, snack time still reigns supreme as the best part of soccer for my boys! Also, check out the sweet "team shirts" that the kids got (Claire designed them) - aren't they fun?

Linc enjoying his soccer treat.

Check out Lincoln's cheeser in this photo - he was saying "cheeeese" for the camera. Oh, how I love these two little guys.

Another thing that Noah loves to do at soccer is to play with the cones. It's something different every time too. I think that this time he had one on each arm as a blaster...

And, yeah, I have no idea on this one...

Then there's our post-soccer cool-down snack! After soccer is done we always play on the nearby playground, so the post-soccer snack routine started as a bribe to get them to leave the playground and head home. Then, I decided that it was a good idea to let them have something to cool them off anyway, so we do it every week after soccer. This day it was popsicles!

So, here are the boys back at home enjoying their popsicles!

Isn't he sweet?

One week last month Noah insisted on wearing a cape to soccer practice (that he got from uncle Chris & aunt Chelsey). He loved running and letting it flap behind and then he'd even look back to watch it wave in the wind as he ran.

A bunch of the kids chasing each other...funny enough they ran into another kid at the park with a cape on too!

We walked to soccer that day, so for our cool-down snack we stopped at Maverik and got ice cream bars. Whenever we drive past that gas station Noah yells out, "Mom! That's where we got ice cream!"...
Even though chasing these two yee-haws around soccer practice and the park can be tiring sometimes, I'll be sad when our Fridays don't include a soccer excursion and cool-down snack!

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Jana said...

Such cute brothers! I love them. Great soccer day photos.