Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Utah State Fair

Let's start off this post with a picture of Miss Rodeo! Yup, we're now fair go-ers. We never used to be until we lived in Iowa, and let me tell you the state fair is a really big deal there - and we went every year we were there. There were plenty of gigantic animals, mullets, and fried food on a stick for everyone to enjoy...not to mention the butter cow! Mark even registered and played in the backgammon tournament there two years. Anyway, we really do have lots of fond memories of attending the fair there with friends (and even family who visited one year!), so we've been to the Utah State Fair every year since we moved back here. In fact, I even have blog posts on last year and the year before that. Now, just to be fair - I have to mention that while we love going to the fair here, it's just nothing compared to the caliber of event that the Iowa fair is. That's ok though, we still have a fun time.

We never attended a show or rodeo in Iowa, but that's been one of the favorite parts of going to the fair with our boys. One of our favorite parts of the rodeo is the mutton bustin' (kids riding out on sheep), and I just like sitting and watch the boys watch the rodeo...

I'm still not sure what exactly Noah was doing (with the thumbs up and his tongue out), but I get a kick out of this clip, so I have to include it. Note his super long tongue too!

We let the boys (meaning Noah) pick just one ride to go on while we were there, and this is what he picked. They took their driving of the helicopter very seriously.

And my favorite part of the fair is always the food. This time we chose corn on the cob and fresh squeezed lemonade. It was really good corn too. Once it cooled down a little bit I shared some with the boys. Noah and Lincoln both said that they wanted some, but weren't doing back flips or anything over our choice of treat - until they tasted it. Then things quickly turned to this...

Here's a quick clip of the corn-devouring-madness winding down:

Once it was gone Lincoln insisted on sucking every last bit of sweet corn juice out of the cob - he did so until we got to the exit of the fair and we had to pry it out of his slippery little hands.
Already looking forward to next year's fair :)

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Megan, Tommy and the kids said...

Love the pictures of the boys mowing through the corn on the cob. With lincoln trying to get the corn with his tongue. That is just too cute. I must admit I probably would do the same thing if I had that yummy piece of corn.