Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

No, this post actually has nothing to do with ketchup, or any other tomato based product or sauce. It's not even about food at all (although we enjoyed some good stuff that day)'s about my dad's birthday celebration last month! And, yes, the 57 is in honor of his age. Come on, documenting people's ages isn't bad, right? If I were still printing out pictures, I'd write on the back of them, "Dad's 57th birthday party" for the sake of reference - and this blog serves as my journal and photo album these days. Anyway! On to the celebration...

My brother Chris and his family were still in town (between moving from Boston to Vegas) so our get together consisted of them, my parents, my brother Matt, and my little family. My mom made a fantastic brunch that we were able to enjoy out on their deck. Mmmm....

When it came to present time, Noah had the drill down and was anxious to help...and the other two kiddos hung out nearby too.

Nice cheeser, Linc.

Noah (again..."helping") and my dad blowing out the candle on his birthday dessert - peach crisp from peaches that were picked just minutes before making the dessert - yummy!

And, after lots of playtime, we decided to throw the boys in a bath and get their pj's on before the drive home. They love grandma & grandpa's big bath tub.
Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for all that you do for us & for the dad and grandpa that you are - we love you!

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