Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mont!

Mark's dad turned 66 in early August. So, that Sunday we went up to his house for a little birthday celebration. Mary was in Hawaii with a friend, but we were there in addition to David and Matt with his kids. We enjoyed some dinner in the backyard and just enjoyed the summer weather and just being together.

We gave Mont this popcorn package (he loves popcorn) that we made - half caramel popcorn, half white chocolate popcorn. We used that to sing happy birthday instead of a cake, and we ended up using a #1 candle...all a bit nontraditional, but that's ok. One bummer that was since we were enjoying a nice breeze, the candle wouldn't stay lit, so Dave just held the match by the candle after we sang and Mont blew it out!

Linc enjoying a popsicle.

Then it was time for grandpa to teach the kids how to catch grasshoppers. He took them up by the chickens in their backyard and showed 'em how it's done...

The boys loved it and spent quite a while running through the grass and garden catching the hopping little insects.

I was so impressed that even my little niece Ava would join in! Here Mont is showing her how to hold a grasshopper.

That's my kind of girl! Girlie, but not afraid to get dirty and play with the boys too!

Lincoln, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with holding one of the jumpy little critters.

Lincoln did love petting (and chasing) the chickens though. Here he is with Jake who's holding one of grandpa's chickens.

Mont in one of his gardens with the Ava & Lincoln.

Lincoln on the bench swing with Uncle David.

I think that when you're a little kid running around Mark's parents' yard it must be like exploring a wonderland. The gardens grow much taller than the kids, and there are flowers and pathways everywhere - plus you've got the chickens and horses to gawk at. I know that our boys love playing outside at their house. I snapped this picture after Linc had disappeared into the garden running away from me - and then emerged munching on something he retrieved from the garden as he plopped down to sit on this wood bench.

Dave (with one of his dogs), Mont, and Mark. I'm not sure how Matt (as well as our oldest 2 nephews) managed not to not be in any of our pictures, but they were there too!

Happy birthday, grandpa! We love you!

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