Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I decided that I wanted to document a bit more about our outing with my mom from early April (that I talked about in the previous post). After exhausting the planetarium, we walked across the street to the children's museum (where we have a pass) and let the boys run wild for the last half hour or so that they were open. I also bought Noah & Lincoln the firefighter hats (from the gift shop there) that I'd been promising Noah for weeks. Noah promptly put his on, and wouldn't take it off for anything. Then! We decided to go all out and get some ice cream at Leatherby's. Now I know that I've written before in a previous post about how much I love that place, but I just want to say one more time...yuuu-um! There. Not too much commentary is needed for these 3 pictures, but I just have to mention that what Noah is eating is the smallest banana split on their menu!

Sharing some of our cold treats with the little monkey. Lincoln would shiver, scrunch up his face from the cold...then swallow ask for more!

Enjoying my "black and tan" while Noah (who wouldn't even stop to look up) enjoys his banana split. You should have seen the faces of the people seated around us when they placed that dish in front of a three year old!
I know that the boys had a great day and night, and I sure did too. Sometimes it's so fun to just decide to spoil your kids rotten. Thanks for helping, Mom! You're the best & I love you.

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Rhodenizer Family said...

mmmmmmmmm...ice cream! We haven't been there since Noah was 6 months!