Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When Jen Comes to Utah...

It's always interesting to see which friends you stay in contact with over the years, don't you think? My friend Jen is one of those that stuck. We've been friends since we were 7 years old...so, it's been 24 years now. Her & her hubby live in California with their two adorable kiddos. So, it's always fun when she comes to Utah to visit...plus, when she does I usually get together with her & the only two other friends that I've kept in contact with from high school (Allison & Tobie)! Last time, which was toward the end of April - Tobie, Jen & I (from left to right in the photo) made time to escape for dinner without our kids. We went to The Mandarin (yum!) and had such a nice time chatting. In fact, after dinner we went and found somewhere else that was still open so we could gab some more over dessert (Cold Stone). It was so nice to just relax and visit with each other - thanks, girls!

Another day I also ended up bringing the boys over to Jen's parents house to play in their backyard too. Between the water slide & all the toys they have - it's such a fantastic set up back there, and the kids love it. Here's Noah with Jack (Jenny's son) driving one of their Power Wheels jeeps.

Noah, Jack & Lincoln.

Yet another day we went to Discovery Gateway (SLC children's museum). Here are Jack & Noah enjoying piloting the helicopter they have there.

Lincoln can't stay away from water...

...and he got into the music stuff more this time than he has in the past.

Our good friend Allison (who is a nurse) had to work the night shift the night before, so she wasn't able to join us until later in the afternoon, but she (along with her super cute son Isaac) joined up with us at the food court and went over to the fountain afterward. Here are Noah & Isaac being their happy little selves.

Jack & Noah running hand in hand toward the fountain.

And I couldn't end the post without including a clip of playing in the fountain. Lincoln loved it.

It was so good to see all three of you girls! I only wish it happened more often, but thanks for providing an excuse for us to make it happen, Jen! Looking forward to your next visit...

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Ahhhh!! I'm so glad I decided to stalk you tonight and look at your blog. :) Love the pics. Makes me miss you tons. I'll be in Utah again around July 24. Let's get together for sure!