Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Planetaruim Visits

We had two fun visits to the Clarke Planetarium in April. The first one was at the beginning of that month with my mom. She treated the three of us to an IMAX showing of Under the Sea. As you can see from the pictures, the show is in 3D. Lincoln wasn't very interested in leaving the glasses on, but Noah did pretty well. It was so funny at the beginning of the movie though to watch both boys reaching out and grasping at fish that seemed to be swimming right in front of them. And, yes, Lincoln is sitting in his booster seat. I know it probably looked funny that I hauled the thing in, but it's been a life-saver at movies. He's contained (and he knows it) and the tray provides a great place for snacks and drinks to keep him happy.

My mom & Noah.

After the movie was over we explored the fun museum at the planetarium. First we stopped to watch this contraption. Lincoln enjoyed watching the balls, but seemed particularly distressed when he realized that he couldn't touch them...

Next it was off to a moon & Mars exhibit. Here's Noah walkin' on the moon...

...and then running on Mars. Although if you watch this clip you'll hear that he seems to think that it's more of a desert scene than a space scene. (He's saying "Giddiup! Giddiup!...Ridin' the range, let's go...wahoo!") Funny kid.

Our little monkey (Lincoln) who is normally always busy climbing, seemed content to just walk around and point out all of the rocks...

Thanks, Mom! We had such a fun time!

Our second trip to the planetarium was at the very end of April with our playgroup that we attend. Things were a lot more hectic trying to wrangle both boys by myself, and amidst so many other kids - but we had a good time. Here's a photo of Noah hanging out on some moon rocks. He seemed to grasp that the Mars scene was a planet this time too :)

This is my friend Jessica's daughter Lucy (about 9 months old at the time) with Noah.

I didn't take any more pictures that day because I was running two different directions, but I did manage to grab this short (5 second) clip which is so cute. Noah was being a weather man, and I ran up just to catch the end while he was saying something about "sunlight". I love the way that he's gesturing like a weather man, and watching himself on the TV screen too (that is on your right side during the clip).

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