Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Wrap-Up (finally)

At first I was just going to throw these remaining pictures up on this post with no commentary, just to be done with April. My goal was to get caught up with the blog through April by the end of today, and I didn't see any sort of theme with the pictures anyway....then I realized that besides having a few minutes to spare before my self-imposed midnight deadline - that these pictures actually do have a theme after all! They were all taken first thing in the morning! Anywhere between 5:51-9:44 AM to be exact. So, please enjoy these random morning pictures. From our house to yours.

The competition for the most desirous toys has begun between my boys (and of course the coolest toy is always whatever the other one has, right?). So, moments like this when they're sharing a toy, and having a good time doing it, warrant documentation!

I had to show a little close up of the chub overflowing onto the steering wheel. Gotta love it.

I pulled the camera out to get a picture of Noah's chocolatey-mess of a face, but the real crack-up for me ended up being this cheeser that he pulled out when I went to take his picture.

Nothing special. Just a normal shot of the boys playing first thing in the morning...but I do love how Lincoln has to tip his head back to be able to see out from behind his construction hat!

The boys came up with this game one day while I was out of the room. They like to call it their "slide". Nutty boys.

One Saturday morning Mark was ready to take the boys outside to do yard-work and had Lincoln all rigged up in the backpack. Noah decided that he wanted to wear the backpack, so we let him see how heavy it was...and that just cracked Lincoln up!

Now and then Mark brings home a surgical mask or cap for Noah. One morning Noah asked for his mask & hat right after breakfast...
After getting Noah dressed he kept strutting around the front room, telling me he was a doctor. And it particularly cracked me up how he would put his hands on his hips like this...

And I'll end with my personal favorite. Noah popped around the counter one morning while Mr. Potato Head's mustache & mouth between his teeth (and this expression on his face). I just about peed my pants laughing. It sure was nice of Noah to do something like that to reward me for waking up for the day with him at 5:45 that morning! Funny boy.
Well, that does it for April! And, I did it with 3 minutes to spare. Ha! Now, I'll just have to make time to catch up on the last month & 1/2 sometime!


Karin said...

Oh my gosh, you rock! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does a ton of posts all at once to catch up on Easter and such. Awesome! And, by the way, the cowboys in scivvies is about the most adorable thing I've seen. Just when I think I really want a girl, I see two cute brothers together and change my mind!

Rhodenizer Family said...

OH Holly! what adorable boys! We DO need to get our boys together...oh the fun they would have!