Friday, June 5, 2009

More Noah-isms

  • "Mom, I think when I get married that I need to get a cat." (Well, it won't be happening while living in our home, so I guess that he can take that up with his future-wife someday. Random.)
  • "Mom, sometimes you're a pushover." What?! (I'm guessing that's from a Disney cartoon where a devil on Pluto's shoulder says that to the angel on the other shoulder.) Thanks though, buddy.
  • When throwing a tantrum one day Noah yelled, "I won't have presents! And I won't have Christmas!" as if that would really punish me...and no, we hadn't been discussing either of those topics at all! (As a funny side-note; I remember my brother Matt making the same "threat" of 'I won't have Christmas' during tantrums when he was little)
  • One day a dog licked Noah's face he burst out into laughter and shouted, "He licked my beautiful face!"
  • "I popped the hatch!" is how Noah lets us know that he had gas. And he thinks that it is hilarious. Yeah - I have no idea. A completely original Noah-ism, and the term has stuck around our house.
  • We've discussed what bacteria are with Noah. He even requested that we show him pictures of bacteria on the computer once. Out of the blue the other day Noah informed me that, "There are mommy bacteria, and daddy bacteria...and boy bacterias." Hmmm.
  • Scenerio where I'm glad we were in our car & not in public, "Mom, do you remember when we went to the movie & you took off all your clothes?"...let me explain - we met my family at the theater to see a movie straight after returning from Mark's grandma's memorial in Logan, so I climbed into the back seat and changed my clothes (I don't want to wear a dress any longer than I need to). But you see how a statement like that could have been a bit awkward if someone else had heard...
  • Noah was told the other day that he'd get to see his grandpa after his nap. There was a change of plans though, so after his nap we had to tell him that we'd have to do it another day. A few minutes later Noah asks, "Why didn't I get to see Grandpa? Where is he? Is he in jail?" Why that was his first guess I don't know...and how he even knows the word "jail" is beyond me also. Those of you who know Mark's dad, that makes it even more funny 'eh?
  • And lastly, this was an interesting scenario...
Noah: "Mommy, your tummy is big. I think that you have a baby in there"
Me: "Ummm, gee - thanks. You think my tummy is big?" (I gestured to my waistline)
Noah: "No - not your tummy there, silly. There!" And he pointed to my chest. (Nice.)
And just to be clear, there's no baby.


Becky T said...

Oh my goodness, hilarious. You will be so glad someday to have all of these written down. I think 'popped the hatch' is my favorite. And your big "tummy" is great too. Love it!

Jana said...

Noah produces the best isms. I love them! You should have them published. I can't wait for the next chapter. Love you guys!

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

that was really funny!

RTC said...


Popped the hatch is pretty slick.

mama fish said...

I am so behind on life and checking blogs. Darling post on Lincoln and awesome pictures!
The orchard pictures are beautiful. Im so glad you were able to capture three generations....lucky you!

Christopher said...

I'm so glad you wrote those down.

k. double-u. said...

Ha! We loved seeing Noah this weekend. You seriously have two of the cutest kids in the world.