Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Easter Sunday

I know, Easter was almost 2 months ago. What can I say?...I'm super behind on my blog posts. Part of the problem is that it actually takes me longer to sort through & narrow down which pictures to include in each post than it actually takes me to do the post. (Those of you that really know me - stop laughing) So, rather than spend another hour hmmm-hawwwing about which photos that I would be ok not including...I'm just going to speed things up & include most of them, so that I can move onto finishing the rest of April's blog post (yes, I said April). Sigh.

I'll start off with a snapshot of our little family of four from Easter Sunday.

We spent the first half of the day at my parents house. They did another egg hunt for the boys, but this time it was with real eggs. It was funny watching Lincoln in this video - I was surprised how much more steadily he's walking since just 2 months ago.

Can you tell that the boys had fun?

As for Noah - he cracks me up. I love this kid. First of all, you've got to love that he randomly breaks out into spinning circles. And I'm sure you can understand why the clip so quickly ends after he says, "Catch it!" - referring to the egg.

I'm hard pressed to think of anything that I love more than when I see things like this...

Having already done a couple Easter egg/candy hunts that month, it didn't take too long for Lincoln to catch on this time.

And Noah loved to show off each egg before putting adding it to his basket.


Don't you just want to kiss that face?

Can you see that smile of delight on Lincoln's face?

This is a clip to show why Lincoln's whole basket of eggs were all cracked...and I have to mention how much I love his little side shuffle and squat down.

My mom made us all a delicious Easter meal. Thanks, Mom! Yum. Oh, and don't mind that we just yanked off the boys' Easter clothes and let them eat in their diapers. It makes for easier clean up anyway. (In the photo: my parents, my mom's parents, my brothers Matt & Josh, and my boys)

Lincoln's favorite part of the meal was definitely the fruit salad. He would just inhale it, and then sit there and sweetly say, "Please....please" (while signing please all over his slippery chest) until somebody gave him more:

Easter basket time.

And then, of course, the grandparents had to spoil them too.

Here's my dad showing Noah my mom's Easter bunny cake. He loved it, but it was just so hard for him to wait to dig in.

The four of us with my grandparents.

The boys with my parents.

After a few minutes of trying not to laugh to hard, I grabbed this quick clip of poor little Lincoln. Classic.

This was a little more comfortable for Linc, and I was impressed at Mark's ability to play cards one handed too.

Then it was off to Mark's parents house! We feel so lucky to be able to live so close to both of our parents. Of course they were ready to spoil us too, there was a giant basket for the 4 of us...

Hanging out at their house with them was the perfect way to wrap up a fantastic Easter. Thanks for everything, we love you!
We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday too! Happy Easter...a couple months late.

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