Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thumbs up for ice cream & "hokey-pokeys"!

Thumbs up! That was Noah's show of approval regarding his first banana split. Leatherby's Creamery was the place that we went (while I was growing up) for ice cream on special occasions. There is a Leatherby's in Salt Lake, so a couple of weeks ago we took the boys there for ice cream! Yum! Noah was pretty excited to have his "own" ice cream (he shared with Mark & Lincoln)...and yes, this is the smallest banana split that they have! I got my "regular" - the Black & Tan...caramel & hot fudge over toasted almond ice cream. Mmmm!

Here's a clip of Noah trying out his ice cream:

Noah showing me the cherry on top!

Lincoln enjoyed himself too of course! In fact, this is the first time that all four of us have eaten in any restaurant when we've not had to wrangle one of the boys. It was smiles all around. I know that's because it was ice cream, but it was still a novelty for us! We had a great time.

If you watch any of the video clips on this post, this is the one you've got to watch! Noah started belting out the hokey pokey (which he pronounces as the "hokey pokeys"). It was so dang cute...although I have to mention that we were glad that there weren't too many people there since his singing got progressively louder & louder as the evening went on!

This is a quick clip of Lincoln. I love the way he lifts up his little eyebrows before he says "more" (referring to the ice cream of course) and does his sign for more.

I figured that I'd end this post with one last thumbs up. I got such a kick out of Noah doing that since I've never seen him do it before. However, I guess if there was a time to offer a thumbs up it was over this ice cream. Yummy!!!


Josh said...

I'd give Leatherby's a thumbs up too! No wonder they were good for you guys. ;) I was all smiles watching those videos.

Jason and Tricia said...

Oh man, that is so dang cute! LOL I loved the "hooookey pokeys"! What a sweetheart.

P.S. Thanks a lot! Now I'm totally craving ice cream. ;o)

Anna and Stephen said...

I love in the first clip where Noah informs us that a cherry on ice cream is silly. :) So cute.

Also, that was the best version of the Hokey Pokey I've ever heard. :)

kathy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. They are adorable.

Jana said...

Cutest boys ever! I loved the videos. I've seen the full length version of hokey-pokeys and love it. I give thw whole blog a thumbs up! Love you guys.

Chris-Chelsey-Audrey said...

We miss you guys...and leatherby's. Great pics/vids!

The Nielsen Family said...

Super Cute. I love "that's silwwee" and of course the "hokey pokeys" can't wait to see them in person!!

Heather said...

seriously you have the cutest boys!!