Monday, November 3, 2008

Lincoln's First Haircut!

I have already thoroughly raved about Cookie Cutters in a previous post, but I have to quickly mention again how much I love the place (no, I don't own stock in the company). Lincoln recently went in for his first haircut! I'll admit that I was a bit nervous - and not just about cutting all those curls off the back of his head, but also about how it would go taking both boys to get haircuts (that had to turn out good for pictures) by myself. How did it go? Perfectly! Notice Noah entertaining himself in the background of this photo. And there was not one sad face from either boy the whole time! Look at this guy!

Sure, Lincoln may have decided to try greasing the airplane's steering wheel (do airplanes have steering wheels?)...

...but that was nothing that a little plug (aka pacifier) couldn't take care of!

Lincoln sat still and watched Baby Einstein without so much as one peep. Stark contrast to the screaming and thrashing of Noah's first few haircuts at a salon. Luckily Noah loves getting his haircut now too (ever since we started coming here actually), and in fact he looks forward to it. And why wouldn't a kid love this place with cool cars/planes to sit in, shows to watch, toys to play with, a play area, balloons, and suckers...I'm tellin' ya' - I have no problem paying a little bit more to take my kiddos there for haircuts when they go this smoothly!

All done!

The hairdresser even sent me home with one of his curls in a only regret is not remembering to take a before picture of the back of his hair. Just that little trim made my little guy look so much more grown up.
How do they grow up so fast?!!


Megan, Tommy and the kids said...

I am so with you on the cookie cutters. It is the only place I will go to get my kids hair cut. Tate thinks it is the coolest place ever.

Peter and Brittany Merrill said...

Catching Up on you was fun! I had to even go back to "older posts" to see the rest of your CA vacation!~ You are much better about using your camera than I do! Your trip looked awesome, and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
As for the cutie boys dressed up for Halloween cute are they! You make me want to have a boy so bad! PS I love the matching shirts and ect...
I guess I should have emailed!