Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Night

Scary, don't ya' think? I thought so, that's why it surprised me that Noah insisted on putting it on!

My parents came to visit on Halloween night & wore skeleton & witch masks. Once they took them off and Noah realized it was pretend, he loved it! He kept wanting them to put them back on, or to try them on himself. And, as I mentioned in a prior post, Noah has REALLY been wanting a witch he was delighted that they brought him his very own witch hat too!

This short clip is really worth taking a look at. Not only did Noah look pretty funny in my dad's skeleton mask, but he really put on a show for us. Let me give you a little translation before you listen to it: He starts out with "Ladies & Gentlemen! For the first time..." Then there's the skeleton laugh, which is pretty awesome (and don't forget to listen for Lincoln in the background trying to mimic the "scary laugh"). And lastly, right before the end of the clip he says, "This is like a helmet." *random*

We had a great time trick-or-treating on our block. Noah made quite a haul (we only let Lincoln get a little bit of candy), and he's been surprisingly great about rationing it (as opposed to gorging himself). Mark and I decided (alright, I admit it - I decided) at the last minute to pull some old costumes out of our costume trunk for ourselves too. It was fun to get dressed up and go out with the boys. When I came upstairs Noah asked if I was a princess or a chicken. Nice.

OK, I can't help but point this out. Being the Halloween fanatic that I am, I bought the boys' costumes way ahead of time (I know some of you that are chuckling...stop it!). I knew just what I was looking for, and when I find a good deal on a used item (that I'm actually looking for) I've learned better than to not snatch it up. Besides, it's only a short time that I get to dress my boys up all cutsie for Halloween, right?

So, when Lincoln was a new baby I ran across his costume on classifieds and had to have it...I didn't think for a minute that when Lincoln would be 11 months old that he could possibly get too big for an 18 month sized costume. Well, we squeezed him into it, but had to pin it shut under his chin & put gray socks on to cover the skin that showed between his pants and the elephant feet (which we didn't take trick-or-treating with us since they fall off easily). I still think that it looked super cute, but you could tell that the poor guy was really not comfortable. Sorry, Linc.

Lastly, I got a tiny bit sentimental at the end of the evening before everybody changed out of their costumes. For me it's kind of like the blues that you get after Christmas is over...all the anticipation, and now it's done. On top of that though...I realized that we were just finishing my baby's last "first holiday". It was a great first Halloween for him though.

I can hardly believe that he turns one next week. I know that there are still plenty of firsts to look forward to for both of my boys, but this was just one little milestone that reminded me of how quickly that they're already growing up. I love you, Lincoln & Noah! And, of course, I love you too, Mark! ol' devil, you.


kathy said...

Oh, my goodness! How cute is that video! Ladies and Gemmamen...

Josh said...

That's hilarious!..princess or chicken?... And yeah, I love how Noah acts things out, he's a funny kid. :)

Nicole Udy Photography said...

Hi Holly, it's Nicole, Linda's daughter. I saw you on a photographers site and thought, that looks just like Holly, and I was right it was you! How are you, haven't seen you in ages! Your boys are getting so big and they are adorable!