Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Boo at the Zoo!"

Maybe it's just because this is our first year owning a zoo pass, but I'd never heard of the annual Boo at the Zoo event that Hogle Zoo presents. From the turnout there that day, you'd think that we were the only people in Utah that hadn't heard of it though! It was packed! It was a lot of fun to take the boys to the zoo in their costumes though, especially considering that they were a zebra & an elephant!

Despite the crowds, we saw most of the animals & still had time to hang on a statue or two :)

My little zebra was quite excited to see his friends the "real zebras". Such a cutie.

The zoo did a good job having lots of cute Halloween decorations, and there were booths set up throughout the zoo where the kids could trick-or-treat.

Did I mention yet that my mom went with the boys and me? It was a lot of fun to have her with us.

My mom took Noah on the train (Lincoln was sleeping)...

Here's Noah waiting for the train with a bunch of other kids in their costumes. It was pretty cute.

And, lastly, a quick clip of Noah and grandma taking off on their train ride!

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