Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Love Cookie Cutters...

...not the type that you pull out at the holidays, but rather the kids' hair salon Cookie Cutters. Noah used to be so scared to get his hair cut, well - no longer! And speaking of longer...check out this hair. We wanted to wait until it was closer to when we'd be getting our family pictures taken before cutting Noah's hair, so it got a bit shaggy. Here's his "before picture":

And here is Noah getting his hair cut. Notice the smile! No crying, squirming, or begging to get down. Amazing what sitting in a race car, watching a favorite movie, and being handed various toys, a sucker, and a balloon (when done) will do for a kid! I want to get my hair done somewhere this fun!

And, while he waited, Dad let Lincoln take a seat in a nearby "barber chair". So, everyone was happy. Did I mention that I love this place?

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Josh said...

It looked like Noah was going to have floppy hair like I had when I was a little kid running around... the memories... (: