Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few little things that I'm grateful for...

...that Noah loves cold leftover pizza (it sure made dinner easy tonight).

...that this rotation that Mark is on is almost finished. This is Mark's last 30-hour shift (I know he's grateful for that too)! I take my hat off to you residents (and spouses) that have this schedule your entire residency (or worse - to those who do it their whole lives). Yuck.

...that I'm not where I was physically last time this year (recovering from my c-section, learning to nurse, and getting no sleep)!

Well, those are the things that I had on my mind at 2 am. Maybe now that I got that out I can sleep (I never sleep as well when Mark isn't here). I think that I may continue this list of things that I'm thankful for later though. Tis the season...

1 comment:

Jana said...

And I'm thankful for the four of you! Your blog looks so cute! I love the top photo. What a good looking family. Love you guys so much!
(shame on you though- I noticed the 1:43 am post. You're grounded.)