Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Talents

This post is going to be an all-video-clips post, and probably will only be interesting to those people who are particularly interested in all of our boys' nuances and new "tricks". I think that they're pretty cute clips though, so I hope that you enjoy them!

First I'll start with Noah's singing. Like most kids, Noah loves singing. He's recently begun to not only remember the words to sections of his favorite songs, but to alter them to his liking :) For example..."Mary had a Little Lamb" usually evolves into "Mary had a Bi-ig lamb" - or, in this case "Pi-ig had a Little Lamb" (in reference to the pig book he'd just been reading). He seems to get quite a kick out of his own witty alteration of the song, and in this instance, when I ask him who exactly it was that had a little lamb, he answers "Mary"...followed up with "Grandma!" (whose name is Mary). I thought it was quite clever for him to remember her name, and to draw a connection to a song with her name in it. Anyhow, enjoy the short clip:

On to another popular song alteration of his. Ever since he found out about the abominable snow man (from Monster's Inc.) he thinks that any snowman is an abominable snowman. However he pronounces abominable as "probly"... So, he has permanently altered "Once there was a snowman" to now say..."There was a probly snowman". And, since bubbles look like snow, a bubble bath was a perfect time for him to decide to belt out that one (note the sweet dance moves):

And, for the last Noah-singing clip (for now anyway) I'll leave you with "Tinkle, Tinkle Little Star". I love how he continues to sing while climbing in and out of his chair, and how he gets a tiny bit embarrassed at the end of the clip and starts shooting/lasering me (which is what he does if I'm telling him something that he doesn't want to hear, or if he is embarrased). Nice.

Lincoln also knows how to use his voice (and likes to hear it), but it's not exactly singing. I liked this quick clip of him trying out his vocal chords while in the bath...and especially love the bottom lip thing he was doing each time. Funny guy:

Last week for a play group we went to the Children's Museum. I was watching Lincoln crawl around in one of the play areas when he headed for some stairs. I was surprised when he started climbing up them, so I grabbed my camera. So, this one's for you, Mark...since you're always bummed to miss little firsts of the boys. Here is Lincoln's very first time climbing up some stairs!

Then, even more fun than watching Lincoln climb the stairs was what he did next! He crawled over to a small slide and without hesitating went right down it! I got such a kick out of it, and so did he. He proceeded to crawl right back over to the stairs, up the stairs, and back down the slide several times. So here are two really short clips of his first time attacking a slide!

And, the very last clip is just a short one of Lincoln playing a quick game of peek-a-boo. That is his all time favorite game right now (other than the game of growl and chase each other, of course). Gotta love his smile:

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Jason and Tricia said...

Oh my goodness, Holly! Those two boys are just soooo adorable! I loved Noah singing (by the way, I CAN NOT believe how big he's getting!), and little Lincoln in the tub was just too cute! I miss you. I really want to get together. I am going to email you soon to set up a date! Hopefully we'll see you soon!