Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Parties

Our Church's Halloween Party
Last Saturday our church hosted a neighborhood Halloween party that was a great success. They decorated classroom doorways upstairs...and the kids could walk to each of them and trick-or-treat. It was actually a great practice run for Noah & he thought it was pretty fun...although I hope he's not disappointed tomorrow when we go to church (no more costumes, candy, etc)! Even Lincoln seemed intrigued with all of the great decorations and costumes!

After enjoying a doughnut & some cider, Noah gave pumpkin-bowling a try.

Before leaving Noah realized that these lights were eyeballs, I guess that he decided that he better try them on :)

Playgroup Halloween Party

Claire hosted the annual Partners in Medicine Halloween party at her house, and it was (of course) a great party! Lincoln wasn't thrilled about getting back into his costume (when I bought it several months ago, I wouldn't have dreamed that an 18 month sized costume could've been so much on the small side *sigh*), but I was still able to get one good picture of my little guy.

Dani the lion. How cute is he?

Aiden, the tiger, giving Michael his very best rooooaaarrr! Michael, being the brave firefighter he was, remained calm & held himself together nicely :)
Sydney & Aiden making their carameled apples.

Rolling his carameled apple in candy was serious business for Noah.

Noah giving a ringing endorsement to the tastiness of his Halloween treat!...

This was the best picture that I got of all (well, most...) of the kids at the Halloween party.

I love this picture of Noah & Michael :)

How cute is baby Lucy the giraffe?

Our good friends Leslie & Isaac (the very adorable pirate!)

I had to include this picture of Noah & Isaac eating their pizza because of the balloon...each time that Noah sees a Frankenstein, he yells out "Freakin' Stein!"
Gotta love kids & Halloween!


Leslie said...

You got some great pictures of the kids. We had a great time too! We did the Boo at the zoo last year and I won't go back. That was so crazy. Hope your trick or treating went well. Isaac lasted a whole hour. It was nice to talk to you, with have to get together more often.

Becky T said...

oh my gosh, Holly, the costumes are ADORABLE!! Some of the cutest ones I've seen. I love them! And I can't get enough of pictures of kids in their costumes either, and I just loved these. What cuties you have!!!

Megan, Tommy and the kids said...

Your boys costumes are so adorable! I could just eat Lincoln up.

The Nielsen Family said...

I LOVE the boys animals costume's they look so ADORABLE!!!! Also, I loved reading the multi-part post about your big CA adventure. You are such a great planner and definitely get the most out of each of your vacations.

Heitmann Family said...

Your boys are the cutest!! and those caramel apples looked yummy!!