Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Double Date (plus two)

A couple of weeks ago Mark & I went on a double date with my brother Josh and his adorable girlfriend. They were so kind to spend most of the day hanging out with us and our two boys (hence the "plus two") - and both Josh & Emily were both so cute with Noah & Lincoln too. We hung out at the zoo & went out to eat. I have to mention that, since there's a 12 & 1/2 year age gap between Josh & I, we've never been on a double date together. It was a lot of fun! Thanks, guys! Anyway, here are some pictures from our date/outing.

We start out with both boys in the stroller, but it's never long before Noah is out and running.

Noah was dead-set on riding the elephant when we went to ride the carousel. However, like always, that popular choice always gets taken. We had plenty of other cool animals to choose from though, but Noah insisted on riding this bench. I tried to talk him into a the zebra, or at least the praying mantis - nope. So, the bench it was.

It looks like Josh and Emily enjoyed their tiger & panda bear though :)

While we were watching the boys play at the zoo playground Josh decided to see if his over-six-foot self would fit in this egg. He did!...and so in climbed Emily too. I had to snap a photo.

Of course it looked like a lot of fun, so my boys piled in too!

We had a great time at the zoo. The weather was perfect, there was hardly anybody there, and we had a nice, relaxing time...other than convincing Noah that it was time to go. That's never easy. Here's Emily, Josh, and Noah playing with the giant, marble ball/fountain just before leaving.
Thanks again, guys! We had a blast. We'll do it again sometime.

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