Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Mark's parents took a long awaited trip to Canada in July and brought our boys back geodes! They each got one and they looked something like this (this is obviously not my photo). The boys weren't exactly sure what to think at first when they opened them. "Huh? A rock?" Once they realized that we got to take them outside and smash them with a hammer it was a different story though!

Here is Noah "hammering his rock":

Noah examining his treasures.

Now for Lincoln's geode.

Here's a quick clip of Lincoln taking a crack at it. Note his cute little grunt of frustration at it not breaking...followed by him hammering away while not even watching the hammer.

Lincoln's geode didn't actually break like we thought it had in the previous clip. It was a lot tougher to crack than Noah's was. We ended up moving the show out to the driveway and letting Lincoln have at it again there. At that point he started to take things a little bit more seriously, and after a while (and some help from dad) he did get his geode open too. Here are a couple of pictures of the process to get it open though. Lincoln's face in this second cracks me up! And the picture was not staged. The hammer is even a little bit out of focus from him swinging it. That kid meant business.

Lincoln was quite pleased to see the inside of his rock once it finally broke open.

Lincoln and Noah looking quite pleased with their treasures.

Just a quick shot of one of the geodes. What a fun idea for a gift, Mary & Mont! Thank you! Not only was it a fun activity to do together with the boys, but it was something unique for them to learn about. Noah especially enjoyed examining the crystals with a magnifying glass.

I had to end the post with this picture of Noah.


Jana said...

They were so cute with the geodes! Love the funny one Lincoln hammering, and the last one of Noah with the magnifying glass up to his eyes. Good job with the photos! They're all great.

Anna and Stephen said...

Geodes are so cool- I always wanted one as a kid! Glad the boys had fun with them.