Sunday, September 5, 2010

August wrap up

This is what Noah looked like ten seconds after declaring, "...but, Mom - I'm not tired!" Gotta love it. Not only will the heat of an Arizona summer wipe you out, but getting used to the new school schedule made Noah really tired for a couple of weeks. Now that he's a 'big boy' Noah won't hear of taking a nap, but for a couple of weeks there I could count on Noah crashing on the couch if after putting Lincoln down for his nap. Noah would relax as long as it was made clear to him that he didn't have to go to sleep.

Speaking of sleeping. Sometimes after we put Lincoln down for a nap he likes to peek under his door and watch what's going on...and then he falls asleep there. We have to be careful if we're opening his door to go wake him up. (Yes. That's a pink binky. It's the only one that hasn't gotten lost, and we haven't kicked the binky at bedtime habit yet.)

Moving on to August activities besides sleeping. We struggled to find new places to take the kids that were indoors and not expensive. Eventually I found out that our local library is very kid friendly. They have tons of kids classes and even this play area. As you can see, Lincoln loves it there.

While Ryan and Tommy were in town we managed to squeeze in time for a night swim!

We have enjoyed breaking out some craft projects. I didn't even notice Lincoln's hand in this picture until I loaded the picture...he has gotten in the habit of pointing and gesturing with his middle finger. Not exactly sure what he was showing me here, but he does look pretty pleased with himself.

And (mostly for his grandmas that like to see this kind of stuff), here's Lincoln doing a summersault:

Another good way to beat the heat: Ice cream and an indoor playplace (at the golden arches). This is Lily (from Noah's preschool), Noah & Lincoln.

And, even if I'm a little bit embarrassed to show pictures from yet another trip to a fast food place...Chick-fil-A has been a favorite place to take the boys to get out of the house & stay out of the heat. Especially if it's Tuesday night...because that's Chick-fil-A's family night! Kids eat free with a paying adult. In just a minute I'm going to start sounding like a commercial, but I seriously love this place. First though, a couple of pictures. On their family nights they always have a guest for the kids. A science guy with hands on activities, a clown with face painting, etc. (See Noah below who put in a request for his arm to be painted)
Noah requested a scorpion be painted on his arm. He was pretty proud of it.
Now, here's my shout out for Chick-fil-A. Get ready. I'm a bit overzealous about how much I'm lovin' this place. In addition to their awesome family night, I love that:
  • Ours has an awesome indoor play area for the kids.
  • I actually like the food (and, more importantly, so do the boys). Mmm, waffle fries.
  • They keep the place clean/tables wiped down.
  • The kids' meals include plastic place-mats that can adhere to the table...and bendy straws (which any parent whose kid likes to do the tip back the cup with the straw thing understands that this is nice).
  • There are real flowers on the tables.
  • If the boys don't like/want their kids' meal toy, they can trade it for an ice cream cone.
  • They keep a stocked bowl of individual Purell sanitizing wipes (I don't have to bring my own!) at the counter.
  • The playplace is on the other side of a glass wall. So the parents can wave, but still stay at their (quiet) table and eat/talk while the kids are playing.
  • There is a nice old guy (named Mort, I think) that is there just to keep things tidy and be helpful.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • The staff is friendly and responds to things with "my pleasure" cheerfully enough that you actually almost believe them that it is (their pleasure).
  • Their sauces.
  • The bathrooms are always clean.
  • Their lemonade ROCKS (and is refillable).
  • Plus they still aren't open on Sundays, which I find admirable.
On that last note, here's a funny little Tim Hawkins song about the topic:

So, if you come visit us here in Arizona (particularly during these hot months of the year) and you're here over a can probably look forward to one of our visits to our awesome Chick-fil-A.
"I'm in love...with Chick-fil-A"


M & S Eagar said...


I love it for all the same reasons you do!!!

Jana said...

Ha ha! I love you and Tim Hawkins. Your list is correct though. I've been there!
Love the photos once again! Especially Noah asleep sitting up and the couch and Lincoln's somersaults.

Kendra said...

This and the previous post made me laugh so much! what great boys you have.

Mike and Lauren said...

I had so much fun reading about your August and a few of your last posts! It was so funny because I was about to tell you about the little Buzz Lightyear toy that is next to the first picture of sleeping Noah, because I got one for Jack at Walgreens and he loves it! But looks like you guys had already found them. And I'm totally with you on the chick-fil-a bit. Love that place. Looks like all is well for you in AZ! Hope to see you sometime soon!